Saddle Accessories

All of the accessory items at Pete's Custom Saddlery start with the premise that they will be used and used hard. Therefore, only superior quality materials go into their manufacture from top of the line leather to brass, nickel-plated brass and stainless steel. Many of these items are adorned with tooling, carving, Indian beadwork, and hand-made silver. Some are simply over sewn with layers of leather producing beautiful patterns. More...

In looking at new ideas, no one has the market cornered. Many individuals come up with great ideas for items for their own personal use and I endeavor to build these items to their specifications. I build many custom-made pouches that fit on belts for cell phones and all kinds of tools. My customers bring me all kinds of items for which they want leather cases made. Their needs and imaginations and timeless craftsmanship work together for pleasing accessories.

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