Motorcycle Gear and Accessories

Being a full-time saddle maker and leather worker, along with being a lifetime horse rider (of the four-legged variety) and steel horse rider, it was a natural progression to come up with a line of products for the steel horse and the steel horse rider. For anyone shopping for accessories for motorcycles or themselves in the market place today, it is obvious that the majority of the goods come from China or other overseas countries and most of them are made from leather-like materials (vinyl). Not having any great love for vinyl, my first decision was that I would use top grain cowhide, or possibly exotic leather inserts, for everything I made. Putting my metal working talents to use, I make custom metal pieces for these accessories.

Presently, this line includes bags and tank straps for the steel horse. The line is expanding to leather goods for the riders themselves. It already includes a heavy leather back brace belt that can be decorated with silver and tooling. This belt is a great back and kidney saver while riding. For those hardcore riders who ride hard tails, you don't want to leave home without one of these back belts.

Ride'm like you stole'm!