"After working with many different types of saddle trees and putting them under severe tests for strength, I now use only triple fiberglass covered trees. I have never had one of these broken by anything a horse or rider could do to them." - Pete Harry

Custom Made Western Saddles

The saddles built by Pete's Custom Saddlery start with custom-made trees that are completely fiberglass covered. They are measured and designed to fit you and your horse with ultimate comfort for both in mind. All the leather in your custom saddle is No. 1 grade USA cowhide, tanned in the USA and purchased from Wickett & Craig, which is a premier leather company. All hardware is brass, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel. No hardware is used in these saddles that will rust or damage the leather and this includes screws that are used throughout the saddle. All the fleece is heavy-duty synthetic fleece treated to eliminate insect pests. More...

I build every saddle that leaves Pete's Custom Saddlery as if it were being made for my personal use using designs that are agreed upon by the future owner. Each leather piece is hand cut and fitted to the saddle only after the edges have been smoothed, beveled, hand rubbed and sealed.

The rigging positions and style will be used that best suit the intended use of the saddle-roping, cutting, endurance, trail riding, pole bending or show. The rigging should also be designed to take into consideration the breed of horse that will use the saddle. For instance, the Tennessee Walking Horse works out of its front shoulders. You do not want rigging that will constrict the front shoulder movement. With the Quarter Horse that may be used in cutting or roping, you do not want rigging that allows the rear of the saddle to constantly move around on the horse's back. The rigging also should not allow the saddle to bear down on the withers allowing the rear of the saddle to come up off the horse's back during sudden moves and stops. In show horses of many breeds-- Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter and Arabian-you need rigging that allows close contact between horse and rider so they function as one unit.

In addition to all the usual features that you would expect on a custom-made saddle, I have spent untold hours designing and installing special equipment on saddles for handicapped riders - some with partial paralysis and some with amputations. I worked for over a year with an individual that had shown horses for many years, and then was paralyzed from the chest down due to a car accident. With the special equipment I installed on the saddle, the person was able to continue a show ring career very successfully with the injury undetectable by the public. All saddles and modifications are limited only by the imagination of the riders and their desire to be on the back of a good horse and the freedom that it allows them.

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