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I've known Pete since 1987 when he made some holsters for me. They were well made, good looking and fairly priced. Because of his high quality work, I contacted him in 2004 to make an 1880 Miles City style saddle. After showing him pictures, he suggested some changes to make the saddle more comfortable. I could not be happier with the saddle as it has an old time look with modern features that do not detract from the original design. I would recommend Pete for any leatherwork you may have and I'm sure you will be very satisfied with his products.

--Ralph Larson, San Antonio, TX.

I would like to tell you what Pete Harry did for me. I sent him a Flexible Panel saddle that was tearing up my horse's withers. It got to the point where I could not even put the saddle on my sore horse. I contacted a long list of saddle makers and asked questions on what I can do to solve my problem. Some responded, others didn't. A couple came in with figures between $1200 to $1800 to fix my saddle so I could even use it. Pete seemed to know that the flexible panels were my problem and gave me a price to convert the saddle into a conventional saddle. His price was less than a quarter of the other estimates. I had already invested $2345.00 in the flexible panel so I decided to give Pete a try to help me. He not only helped me, he sent me back a beautiful saddle that I and my horse enjoy every time I ride him. By the way ...my rides are 10-15 miles each time.

I loved Pete Harry's work so much, that I had him make me a set of Tapaderos for that saddle. The workmanship is beautiful and the Tapaderos look great on the saddle. Pete dyed the leather exactly the color of my saddle.

Right now, I am sending Pete a saddle to convert from English to western. My name is Fidele J. Fanelli and my phone Number is 315-737-1809. I will be glad to talk with anyone about Pete's work.

--Fidele J. Fanelli.

Pete did the best job I've ever seen in rebuilding an antique sidesaddle. Our Gathright Eclipse is a masterpiece, and it's admired by everybody who sees it. In fact, more than one sidesaddle lady has stated that she wants one "just like it" for herself. We know that Pete will do a good job, on time and with minimal fuss. You can't ask for more.

--Marti Friddle, Hundred Oaks, Inc.

I am proud of the Steele English Pleasure Sidesaddle that Pete crafted for me. I took my horse, Pie, to Pete's place for a personal fitting. Pete noted that Pie has a short back and retooled the bars to accommodate this. I chose my leather and seat combination (chocolate leather and a black seat). My last name is Cherry and Pete added a personal touch by stamping cherries onto my leaping horn! My sidesaddle is personalized and quality built so my husband tells people it is the only sidesaddle I'll ever need. Pete did a great job.

--Becky Cherry, Greensburg, IN.

Pete Harry's creations are first rate. He did gun rigs, shell belts and other shooting products for me. His stitching and leatherwork are the best I've ever seen and he uses only the best quality materials for his products. Also, his engraving work will remind you of the best old world craftsmen. If you want something special that will last a lifetime, Pete is the man to see.

--Terry Inabinet, Goodlettsville, TN.

Pete Harry is a superb craftsman who's talent in creating a functional piece of art is second only to the durability and quality of his workmanship. Through the years he has built saddles, gunsleeves and bridles for me and none have failed to satisfy. All were completed in a timely manner with the highest standard of leather and stitching. Additionally, Pete is a gentleman in the order of the "old school" and is quite simply a good man to know.

--Glenn Ferguson, Nashville, TN.

Pete has taken the barely recognizable bones of a century-old saddle and restored my grandmother's ride to a beautiful and useful side saddle! My granddaughter will use this "new" side saddle in the 4th of July Independence Day Parade. Pete, you are a true craftsman!

--Carolyn Mullins