"O.K., Pilgrims, let's stow those shootin' irons and head due west to the shinning mountains where a man might find beaver and a free life." - from the movie "Jeremiah Johnson"

Gun Sleeves

Gun accessories are all of those items used by the hunter, shooter, sportsman, cowboy action shooter or just plain outdoorsman that make his or her job easier or reflect personality. These items include gun sleeves, shell cases, ammo belts, possibles bags, coin bags, accessory bags and any leather carrying cases. They may be carried by the person or buckled around them.

Gun sleeves are made of high quality suede leather and can be done in solid colors or multiple colors. They can be adorned with imitation hair, beads, brass, silver, bones, etc. Many of these sleeves are reproductions of gun sleeves from museum pieces; others are reproductions from movies and some are products of my imagination. These fringed gun sleeves will fit most lever-action rifles and black powder (be it flintlock or percussion) and many rollingblocks and highwalls. More...

Shell cases can be custom made to fit any style box of shells that you wish to carry including boxes for shotgun shells for trap shooting and skeet shooting. This grouping will also include shotgun slides that slide over the gun belt for cowboy action shooters. They will hold four, six or eight shotgun shells.

Ammo belts are made to waist size on demand from top quality Wickett & Craig leather. Suede leather is machine stitched to the inside of the belt; this prevents the belt from stretching or shifting around on the body. The bullet loops are put on the belt for your favorite caliber and number of bullets you wish to carry and in the placement that you as a customer prefer for easy retrieval.

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