Western Gun Holsters

Are you tired of all those over-the-counter, brown bag holsters? Here is your chance to take a look at gun holsters from Pete's Custom Saddlery and see pictures and information that will give you ideas for custom gun rigs you've always wanted.

The first category for discussion is the over-the-belt, high riding, authenticate Mexican loop vaquero style rig. This style is great for cowboy action shooting and horse mounted shooting. These rigs can be made as a straight double set or with one optional cross draw. If you prefer, both holsters can be cross draw styles. They can be made in black, chocolate brown, russet or natural oil leather. They can also have as little or as much bling as you want. More...

Now gun handlers, if you are much more of a purist, we will do the Slim Jim style holsters for your black powder hoglegs. These can be richly tooled and have a splash of silver bling. Most of the Slim Jim holsters are made to slide over a narrow belt, but they can be made to accommodate the wider Buscadero belt.

For you B-grade western Hollywood types, we have the drop looped, fast draw Buscadero rigs. They can be tooled or not tooled; they can have silver added or not. These rigs can be made in the style used by Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger and many others of those by-gone heroes.

If you are bellying up to the poker table for a fast round of five card stud, you might want to have one of those hide-a-way guns tucked into your huckleberry rig (the rig made famous by John Hardin and Doc Holliday). These holsters, made to fit single actions, are the forerunners to the modern shoulder holsters. Again, these can be tooled, carved or dressed up with a touch of silver. The huckleberry gun rig is a super comfortable outfit to wear. I personally prefer it over the modern shoulder holster because it sits a little more toward the front and makes it easier to take hold of the gun. It can be modified to fit modern type handguns. Of course, if my customers prefer, I also build the modern shoulder holsters.

If you are a horseback riding gun thrower and you need to pack a rifle and shotgun, scabbards in the appropriate barrel length and caliber can be produced to match your favorite saddle. These scabbards can be tooled, carved or dressed up with silver as you desire.

All holsters and scabbards produced at Pete's Custom Saddlery are built with Wickett & Craig top of the line cowhide. They can be lined or unlined. If the holsters are lined, I used a smooth leather to reduce the wear on the firearm finish and to accommodate a fast smooth draw. Tiedowns can also be added to these holsters. All belts are suede lined to reduce the movement of the belt sliding around or up and down.

Custom orders may take as much as three weeks to build as none of these are mass produced. They are all one of a kind-as individual as the people for whom they are built. They reflect the best of American craftsmanship.