"When you have an idea for a special piece of tack that represents you personally, contact Pete's Custom Saddlery and make that dream a reality." - Pete Harry

Custom Tack

After years of seeing tack that does not work, I decided to build a “better mousetrap”. One of my innovations is adding small D rings to the back of the saddle cantle and to my saddlebags. Then the saddlebags are attached with straps that buckle. This holds the saddlebags firmly in place when the horse is moving and also makes taking them off and on very easy. More...

Knowing that I don't have the market cornered on good ideas, here is your chance to shine, Cowboys and Cowgirls. Think about those pieces of equipment that you have always wanted to try. If you can send me a rough sketch of something you want-whether it be headstall, chest strap, saddlebags or tool pouches, etc-I will put together a finished sketch for your consideration. This will be the first step in creating your custom-made tack. It will be made with top of the line Wickett & Craig cowhide. It can be adorned with factory silver or custom-made silver, shoo flies and brass or chromed-brass hardware.

Do not limit your ideas to just leather equipment. I do custom silver mounted bits and spurs, also, and have a large number of patterns available. For your idea collecting, consider looking through old saddle and equipment catalogs and cowboy collectible books. When you find something interesting, get it down on paper so you will have it for reference. Then, together, we can make that dream piece of equipment a reality.

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