Horse Clocks

These horse clocks were made in the 1920's and 30's. Many homes had at least one of them, but now they are hard to find. They were made of pot metal which broke easily. There were several different styles, but this style was most popular. They are plated with silver, brass, bronze and even gold. Most of them were electric and over the years they stopped working. In the restoration of these clocks, as a matter of safety, I replaced the electrical works with battery operated ones. The original face was retained. Many of the horses and clocks I very carefully hand painted. The bases (some are metal, wood or hardwood) have been refinished. All are priced at $60 + $15 for shipping and insurance.

Grey and black horse clock - approximately 17" long (base), 11" tall and 4 ½" wide. The horse, clock and base are metal. It has new battery-operated works and is hand-painted.

Palomino (with crème mail and tail) horse clock - approximately 17" long (base), 11" tall and 4 ½" wide. The base is wood and the horse and clock are metal. It has new battery operated works and is hand painted.

Gold-plated horse clock - approximately 16" long (base), 11" tall and 4 ½" wide. Everything is completely original on this piece. It is gold plated, but some of the plating has worn off. It has electrical works and keeps good time.

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