Western Décor Trunks

These decorative, western storage trunks can be custom built to suit individual preferences in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

Some of the trunks are constructed from 1 x 12 pine shelving or plywood. Others are made from hardwoods such as oak and poplar. The pine and plywood trunks are painted inside and out and most of them have a sliding tray. The inside bottoms, trays and inside of the tops are lined with felt of varying colors. Most of the trunks will have solid brass hinges and locking latches. They are decorated in many different ways—leather fringe on the corners, inlaid beadwork, bullets, medallions, coins, etc.

Sizes and pricing of western décor trunks pictured here( + shipping):

Large, brown trunk- 30” long x 18” wide x 22” high: $600.00
Red trunk – 18” long x 12” wide x 12” high: $350.00
Cowhide covered trunk – 18”long x 12” wide x 12” high: $350.00
Brown trunk on metal stand – 24”long x 12” wide x 12”high: $400.00

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