Antique Saddle Restoration

Antique saddle before restoration

This saddle lay abandoned in an attic in Tennessee until it was rescued by the grandson of a lady who used it for daily trips to town. As you can see in the picture, it was in a sad state of repair; however, all of the parts were present allowing for the copying of the tooling pattern on the main leather and the stitching in the leather seat. Even the original stirrup could be restored. The only parts that were not useable were the brass buttons that had corroded away due to age and lack of care.

Restoration was begun with the tree to make it fully sound again. Then, new bar liners were applied along with new rigging in the original style. A new seat and padded horn were applied with smooth, soft, black leather complete with original stitching patterns. All new natural oil, vegetable-tanned Wickett & Craig leather was used for topside covering. Patterns were made using the original leather so that the unique tooling could be transferred to the restored saddle. The final trim was added at this point using all new hand formed brass buttons.

You could say this was a true work of love not only for myself but also for the gentleman from Tennessee. This sidesaddle now is displayed proudly in his home. I believe that his grandmother would be pleased! Hopefully this saddle will be passed down for many more generations. History is a precious thing-let's not loose it.

Restorations of this type start at $2,000.00. Price varies with tooling.

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