Restoration of Antique Side Saddles - Saddle Making School

It has been very popular to have family heirloom sidesaddles restored either to ride or to display. For this class the student may bring a sidesaddle that has some personal value to restore or they may use a sidesaddle provided by the school.

In most cases, the sidesaddle will be taken completely apart and the tree repaired and reinforced. Then patterns will be made if possible from existing leather pieces or made from examples in old catalogs. The saddle will be restored to look as it did when new. Material matching the original seat as far as possible can be used to make the new seat.

The techniques used to restore antique sidesaddles can also be used to restore some other antique saddles. This is a hands-on class and the saddle goes home with the student.

The fee for this four-week course is $4,800 due at the beginning of the course and non-refundable. As this is a working shop with many customers, I need to book your spot thirty days in advance, please.

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